Male congregants of Ng’ang’a’s church react after preacher threatened to ‘lock’ their organs

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Aug 27th 2019 at 13:03
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Male congregants of Neno Evangelism Centre — headed by Pastor James Ng’ang’a — have demanded an apology from the clergyman following derogatory remarks he made about their reproductive organs.

Through Otieno and Amisi advocates, they stated that they would take legal action and sue for defamation.

They also accused Ng’ang’a of insulting them by referring to them as cows, which according to the advocates, loosely translates to ‘foolish’.

The congregants further stated that the preacher demeaned their sexual organs in the full glare of the media and womenfolk.

The advocates asked the preacher to withdraw the threats within two days and publish an apology.

“In the premises, our instructions are to DEMAND, as we hereby do, that you forthwith, and not later than TWO (2) DAYS from the date of evidence of your receipt of this letter, withdraw your threats to interfere with the normal functioning of our clients’ male organs and thereafter publish an unequivocal apology in one of the daily newspapers of nationwide circulation, addressed to all the male members of the Neno Evangelical Ministries retracting the said words following which we shall address you on the quantum of damages.

“TAKE NOTICE that in the event that we shall not have obtained your compliance within the period aforesaid, our further instructions are to commence private criminal prosecution against you under sections 95, 96 and 97 o the Penal Code and/or civil proceedings for general damages for defamation,” read the letter in part.

In a clip seen by Ureport, the preacher referred to the men’s sexual organs as ‘tuvitu’ saying he would make them dysfunctional and they will never please their wives.

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