Toilets at Nairobi Milimani law courts are all out of service

By Grapevine | Friday, Aug 23rd 2019 at 08:54
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Lawyers, court staffers and other litigants prosecuting their cases at the Nairobi’s Milimani Law Courts can no longer relieve themselves in peace.

Reason? There are no operational toilets where they can do their business while within the corridors of courts.

The facilities are said to be faulty and have no water to flash after use. Foul smell emanating from the facilities due to lack of water have also made frustrated activities in the courts.

The Grapevine has learnt that only toilets at the gate are operational but the ones within the court corridors are out of use.

Litigants are forced to walk long distance to Uhuru Park to attend to nature call in an embarrassing state of affair.

In other news…

Members of a Senate committee accused of extorting witnesses appearing before it may soon be nabbed by sleuths.

An investigative agency is said to have seized the matter following numerous complaints by officials who have appeared before the team.

Sources within the agency have told The Grapevine that detectives have been monitoring activities of the members at five-star hotel where they allegedly meet to negotiate their cut after cornering their witnesses.

It is not the first time there are claims the committee was turning its sittings into an extortion den.

Some MPs have confided to us that the allegations could be true as it had become an open secret within the corridors of Parliament.

MPs were now planning to inform the leadership of the two Houses to investigate the claims, which he said were tarnishing their name.

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