Kenya Bus denies allegations that conductor robbed passengers

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Aug 20th 2019 at 13:13
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The Kenya Bus Service Management on Tuesday strongly denied claims that some of their crew members took part in robbing passengers in one of their buses plying the Ngong Road route.

Through a statement shared on social media, the company noted that seven men boarded the bus at KMTC stage despite the fact that only three seats were unoccupied.

The conductor then asked the driver to stop the bus since he was not willing to carry excess passengers but a commotion ensued.

“When they insisted on not alighting, he (conductor) instructed the driver to drive the bus to Nairobi Area police and that is when they jumped off the moving bus.

“On reaching Ambassadeur [sic] hotel stage, one lady passenger alighted and took the photograph of the bus registration number,” read the statement in part.

It furher added: “In fact one of the pickpockets even threatened the conductor with a knife, and while alighting they told him that they had marked him and he will face the consequences.”

Over the weekend, one Miriam Wanda complained that a lady was robbed by four men on Sunday inside a bus, KBZ 997Z.

Wanda stated that the conductor allowed four men to enter the bus and they stole a phone from a young lady.

“I believe the driver, conductor and the four men know each other. These men entered the stage at Kenyatta ‘KMTC’ stage saying there is an operation, “wekeni seat belt” (put on your seat belt). They went to the back where the lady was seated, and started bullying her to put on her seat belt,” she said.

KBS stated that both the driver and the conductor have been summoned to the company’s control room to record a statement, adding that they have not been able to reach Wanda.

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