Kilimani residents angry with Coast Governor

By Grapevine | Friday, Aug 16th 2019 at 10:17
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A governor from the Coast region has made life difficult for tenants in an apartment within Nairobi’s Kilimani area.

The county boss has subjected his fellow tenants to unending security frisking conducted by his mean looking-looking bodyguards.

Sources have indicated to The Grapevine that the government has stationed one of his bodyguards at the gate to question anybody making his way to the apartment.

Another security officer is also said to be moving within the stairs monitoring movements of other tenants.

There is already an uproar by some of the occupants of the building over inconveniences they have been subjected whenever the governor is around.

The tenants are further up in arms against the governor’s son over claims that he blocks other occupants from accessing their car parks by his careless parking.

In other news…

Things appear to be getting out of control in a county in Mt Kenya where a governor and his deputy have literary gone for each other’s jugular.

From the recent happenings, the latest being this week, there seem to be more than meets the eye in the relationships between the duo.

The two who are currently fighting to save a face in public whilst going through a tough patch in private have now resorted to communicating through text messages and memos, according to a source.

So bad is the relationship, that the governor declined to sign per diem forms for his deputy to attend the ongoing Kenya Inter Counties Sports going on in Kericho on grounds of insubordination and lack of respect.

Word on the ground has it that the Governor cancelled the trip for his number two to the function-attended by nearly all governors and their deputies-after the deputy failed to attend a county function graced by the governor, but instead attended a parallel one organised by an MP.

Sources privy to the on goings intimate that the governor is frightened by his deputy's perceived powerful networks and has in the recent past not involved the DG in county assignments. The governor is said to be jittery that national government officials have been overlooking him and only working with the DG.

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