Video of Uhuru’s security guard slapping Senator Susan Kihika goes viral

By Fay Ngina | Friday, Aug 16th 2019 at 09:16
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 A video of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s security guard attempting to slap Senator Susan Kihara on Wednesday 14 August in Nakuru town has gone viral.

The video first shows a female guard from the Presidential security detail attempting to slap the Senator on the left cheek.

The two later engage in a confrontation for a few seconds then the guard makes a second attempt and hits Senator Kihika’s shoulder.

(PHOTO Harun Wathari/Standard)

President Uhuru is said to have visited the town to attend the national music festival gala at State House.

Senator Kihika says one of Uhuru’s men manhandled her and physically tried to removed her for the line where leaders were waiting for the president to arrive.

(PHOTO Harun Wathari/Standard)

“A male officer came and roughed me up trying to physically eject me from a line the leaders were waiting. We got into a tussle and a woman came to separate us as she was trying to calm down the situation,” she said.

Here’s the video; 

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