MP dumps colleague after being busted in office

By Grapevine | Thursday, Aug 15th 2019 at 10:18
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Two MPs who were recently caught making out in an office next to Parliament Buildings have fallen out.

The female MP in the sex scandal has severed links with her partner in the incident over claims that the man in question was going round bragging about his prowess.

The two lawmakers were exposed when security officers manning the building were attracted by screams from the office.

The incident made the female MP to keep a low profile during the period the matter became a topic of discussion within corridors of Parliament.

Still on MPs…

A female Member of Parliament from the Coast region is in trouble over her involvement in a questionable contract with a county government in the area.

The MP is said to have won tenders running into millions of shillings but delivered nothing after pocketing the county monies.

The Grapevine has gathered that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption was already on the lawmaker’s case over the matter.

The commission is said to be considering assets recovery from the MP, who has since gone underground.

The female MP is said to be reaching out to some powerful figures in the government to help her out in the matter that could dent her political future as it will set her against the electorate.

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