Put your degree aside and build your future

By Omullo Lucy Apiyo | Monday, Aug 12th 2019 at 11:41
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It is high time graduates wake up from their comfort zone and work for the betterment of their future. The story of Kelvin Ochieng, a first Class Honors graduate brought up serious discussions on the state of thousands of unemployed graduates in our country, and despite the fact that Jubilee government promised students the establishment of an apprenticeship program of up to 12 months, nothing has been done up to now.

The fact you've graduated doesn't guarantee you a job opportunity. Whether you graduated with first-class honors, second class, pass or credit doesn't mean you'll secure yourself a job right after graduation. Most of these companies are looking for experienced workers, something that we weren't taught in class, and it will be difficult for a fresh graduate to land on a job right after graduation. 

As a graduate get that thing of "I'm a graduate, and I deserve the best" out of your mind because nobody knows you're a graduate and people careless to know whether you are or not and as a matter of fact we have seen many people working in different companies, a carrier that they didn't pursue.

After graduation, the question you should ask yourself is how are you going to build your life after graduating not how you're going to work in that big company. Start from the ground. That small company from the home town you're ignoring is your stepping stone. Grab it and build your life from there. Someone will notice you from there, and you might land yourself your first job.

How many students graduated before you? And how many are graduating every year? All these are still waiting for employment. We have seen people who pursued electrical engineering working as waiters or writers of different newspapers, just to mention a few. As you keep on sending your application letters to different companies and offices, wake up from your slumberland and find something to do.

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