Girls began to have a place in the sun a long time ago- it is just a slow process!

By Kipkoech Chepkwony Felix | Tuesday, Aug 13th 2019 at 15:43
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Friday 9th, August 2019, marked a date where Kenya achieved one of its milestones in the emancipation of women. Throughout history, the woman has been known to be a weak and fragile character. Thanks to the government for painting a different picture in this year’s where women are still struggling to fight against patriarchy and its son male chauvinism.

That child will now have a role model as a woman. We will soon begin to hear women's stories. The heroine will no longer have a negative connotation. Writers can start a new undertaking of painting the girl child with heroic adventures and other escapades. We have the SWAT team unveiled today. Why don't we have Jane "Kiriamiti" this time in books and theaters!

What I am worried about is whether the society will take this as good news, or is it just something they don't take seriously? The netizens and the global village, in general, are at a pace with the dynamic world. They have the advantage of realizing how important some things are and why some like the retrogressive practices should be abandoned. I am surprised that in the contemporary world, there are teachers who still teach young girls and boys the disadvantage of the other gender and why they should never go near them.

I wanted to punish this barely 12-year-old boy for going and sitting with this lonely girl who was the only female in the class. Boys avoided her, and she was left sitting alone in front. I realized that the boy was a nuisance in class and when I told him to go and sit with the girl, not as a punishment but because I wanted to separate him with the other boys, he adamantly refused, shaking his head with a changed mood. I was astounded on the boy's act of disobedience. The others backed him up, "They are not allowed to sit with girls!" I got astonished and let the boy alone. I asked the group what they were taught girls would do to them; they sat together.

If there are teachers, not a must to be a professional teacher, so long as you are involved in the dissemination of information to a group of learners, do not teach your learners to discriminate other people. Rather, make them discriminate between the good and the bad. Do not make them have a negative attitude towards a certain group or individual.

Formation of SWAT team which comprises of only women is a great achievement Kenya should be proud of because it is the only country in sub-Saharan Africa which has done so. Feminists should all come and celebrate and remind the world that looking down upon the girl child was forgotten days ago during the times of our great grandfathers.

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