Almost everyone in Kenya is a thief — CS Magoha

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Aug 7th 2019 at 15:50
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Education CS Prof George Magoha on Tuesday claimed that almost everyone in Kenya is a thief.

Speaking during the launch of the National Youth Week at the University of Embu, Magoha noted that he is trying to seal ‘leakages’ in the Ministry of Education.

“Almost everyone in this country is a thief. Lack of accountability in the use of available resources is causing joblessness.

“I’m trying to seal the leakage in the Ministry of Education at all costs, even if that will cost my life," he said.

Online, his sentiments elicited mixed reactions. While others fully agreed that corruption is rampant in the country, others said change should start from the top.

“The statement is unfortunately true but not surprising…many people would like to deny it and yet deep inside they know it. Fish rots from the head,” wrote Ben Osuga.

“That’s the naked truth Magoha…it is painful but corruption is deeply rooted. It requires men like you to uproot the roots,” said Chuny Piny.

“Lots of truth in it I must admit,” added Ken Makombete.

“In Kenya, you are either a thief or someone is stealing from you," noted Wycliffe Otieno.

"Very true. We accept bribes from politicians, we steal from our parents, we fake vouchers at work to claim more, telcos steal your coins while asleep," added Suna.

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