My wife’s brother’s mother comes from Jamaica — Uhuru Kenyatta

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Aug 7th 2019 at 11:00
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President Uhuru Kenyatta was in Jamaica for a historic State visit where he met Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

The leaders discussed a number of key issues including cooperation in tourism, air transport connections and deepening economic ties but one thing stood out during President Kenyatta’s speech.

Kenya’s Head of State stated that his wife’s brother’s mother comes from Jamaica, something netizens struggled to decode.

"We affirm the Jamaican diaspora is everywhere and the prime minister was wondering whether we have some in Kenya.

“Indeed I can confirm given the fact my wife's brother's mother comes from Jamaica and she lived in Kenya," he disclosed.

This statement was confusing but what he actually meant was his brother’s mother-in-law, the late Mama Norma Florienta Kanja had Jamaican roots.

Mama Florienta died in August 16, 2018 and was mother-in-law to Muhoho Kenyatta.

According to documents seen by Ureport, she was the daughter of the late Rupert and the late Loretta Forbes, sister of Valerie Afflick, the late Doreen Nesbitt, and the late Carlton Forbes of Kingston, Jamaica.

In his tribute to Norma after her death, President Kenyatta mourned her as “a wonderful human being.”

“As we have all heard, she was a wonderful human being and we can testify to that fact. Mama Norma Kanja lived her life well and has left an enduring legacy which should be emulated,” President Kenyatta said.

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