Drama as city motorist allegedly held at gunpoint for failing to pave way for fuel guzzler

By Bosco Marita | Monday, Aug 5th 2019 at 11:19
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A city motorist has narrated a disturbing ordeal where he was held at gunpoint by a fellow for failing to pave way for the latter’s Toyota Landcruiser (V8) vehicle despite being on the right lane.

According to the motorist identified as Bramwel Iro, the gun-wielding driver threatened to shoot him for failing to get his ‘little car’ out of the way.

“Earlier outside the Ethiopian Embassy on Statehouse Crescent, I had declined to move ‘the little car" I was driving to make way for his. There was enough room for him to pass but he wanted me to back up even if I was on the correct lane. He had a teenage boy in the passenger seat,” posted Bramwel on Twitter.

Bramwel further narrates that the V8 driver was so daring that he pulled up his vehicle bumper until it touched the back of his car.

He claimed the fellow said his car was ‘too small’ to operate in the city.

“I stepped out the car to examine the damage and he said “unaendesha aje gari kama hii Nairobi”,” it will be your word against mine,” said Bramwel.

The confrontation resulted in a snarl-up that prompted the nearby private security officer to ask the gun-wielding driver to pave ways for other drivers who had started hooting seeking clearance.

 “He is clearly unhappy and humiliated and as I drive past he says to me through the window “Hii Nairobi hautatoboa,” narrates Bramwel.

But the matter was yet to be settled. The gun holding driver allegedly followed Bramwel and continued with his intimidation.

“I changed lanes to see whether he would drive past. He pulled up alongside me and stopped. There is room for him to go forward but he doesn’t he rolls down his window. He then pulls out the gun, points it in my direction and says “unaona hii?,” narrated Bramwel.

The V8 driver thereafter drove off.

Bramwel is yet to reveal whether he had recorded a statement with police after having captured the details of the vehicle.

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