EXCLUSIVE: Shalom Hospital doctors left a bandage in my womb after delivery

By Fay Ngina | Friday, Aug 2nd 2019 at 15:37
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Shalom Hospital in Athi River is on the spot yet again after a woman claimed that a bandage was left inside her womb after a cesarean section was performed on her in late February 2019.

Speaking to Ureport, Moses Mudavadi Akwoni husband to Emmaculate Maruti sumba, says his wife started vomiting and experiencing a lot of pain two weeks after she was discharged from the hospital.

“I rushed her back to the hospital on 12th March and had first aid administered. The next day 13th the pains were back and we rushed her to Shalom Hospital again,” says Akwoni.

Emmaculate tested positive for H-plyori and despite being given medication, she started experiencing severe pain around March 14. She was then rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital where she was admitted but the tests did not show anything severe.

In an exclusive interview, Emmaculate says she had to travel to upcountry in Webuye Constituency as the pain became even more severe.

She was taken to Lugulu Mission Hospital on 24 April as the cesarean section wound had a lot of puss and a minor surgery was done to remove it.

Speaking to one of the doctors who attended to her in Lugulu hospital, Dr Claude Wafula Wena says Emmaculate went back to the hospital three weeks later as her wound had swollen and more puss was oozing from it.

“When she came back, the puss was a lot, her stomach had started swelling and she was taken for an X-ray and an ultra sound; that’s when we confirmed there was a bandage that had been left inside her womb. We took her to the theater and removed the bandage. She later started feeling better,” said Dr Wena.

When we visited the Shalom hospital to confirm the allegations, Managing Director Dr. Fredrick Onyango said he had heard about the case but did not confirm or deny if the claims were true.

He refused to give a statement and said Emmaculate and her husband should take a legal suit or forward the case to the hospital’s board. Here is the video:

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