Video: Poem of anaemic girl seeking medical aid goes viral, touches Sonko

By Bosco Marita | Sunday, Jul 28th 2019 at 12:34
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A video of a young girl reciting a tear-jerking poem seeking financial help to attend a bone marrow transplant in India has gone viral on social media leaving the online audience pitiful.

In the video, Faith Mwendwa, dressed in a maroon uniform, grey socks and black rubbers introduce her poem dubbed: “First Lady Margret Kenyatta help.”

Faith begins the first stanza of her poem by acknowledging and highlighting the many works the First Lady has done in the counties through the Beyond Zero Programme.

But in the last stanza, she introduces her aplastic anaemic condition.

Through the poem, she reminds her audience that her chubby cheeks and swollen body are not as a result of good health but anaemia that has additionally given her a rare skin colour.

She narrates the process of braving painful injections and blood transfusions during her habitual visit to the hospital.

Mwendwa says the condition has affected her academic performance that she can no longer attain quality grades.

She concludes her last stanza of the poem by revealing her scheduled medical referral to India where she is to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

At the end, she requests the First Lady to intervene and facilitate her recovery.

Her sentimental poem has attracted the attention of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who shared the video on his Facebook page and pledged to support.

“Someone sent this clip to me from 0722553479 but now not answering. So touching and willing to chip in as we wait for Her Excellency Mama wa Taifa to come back from Zambia. May the Lord heal her,” wrote Sonko.

Aplastic anaemia develops as a result of bone marrow damage. The damage may be present at birth or occur after exposure to radiation, chemotherapy, toxic chemicals, some drugs or infection.

Here is the video of the Girl reciting the poem:

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