Why married women should take caution of kinyozi slay queens

By Mumo Munuve | Sunday, Jul 28th 2019 at 10:19
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Kenyan cities are nowadays flooded with Kinyozis all over with many in the venture employing slay queens to offer 'luxury' services to male counterparts. These business people are not fools. The slay queens attract a good number of married and influential men who still want to get a taste of the 'juicy lemon.'

According to confessions by some women, their husbands visit these kinyozis regularly. The men would always give excuses like hii nywele inaniwasha, I don't want my hair to grow any longer, or I'm simply going to shave my beard, among others.

The women underrate the hustling slay queens. What they do not know is that these creatures hutafuna hadi mifupa and eventually, they end up wrecking marriages and taking over to becoming the main chics.

Men are always attracted to what they see. When they meet these slay queens, they usually develop interest. The interest might grow to something else that might complicate someone's marriage. When these 'opportunists' realize the possibility of a hookup, they snatch it in the shortest time possible.

After-shave services are always lengthy and give these slay queens time to execute the massages perfectly. In addition, the massages are so juicy that these 'hungry' men would always find their way back into the premises for a repeat session. It would remind them of the good golden days when the 'cat used to drink milk properly.'

Imagine a scenario when a 10-year married man tries to compare these slay queens with their wives? It's incomparable! Just like comparing the legendary King Kabaka with the current music generation. Definitely, the Wamlambez have it.

However, not all of these Kinyozi women are that bad. Some still have manners and know how and when to step back. Thanks to their upbringing.

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