Nigerian journalist faces wrath of KOT after saying Kenya is unsafe for her

By Vincent Kejitan | Friday, Jul 26th 2019 at 12:21
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Kemi Omololu Olunloyo, a journalist in Nigeria, on Thursday faced the full wrath of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) after labelling Kenya as unsafe.

Through a tweet, Kemi stated that she would not be attending the African Women in Media 2019 due to a terror threat.

She referred to the recent attack at the Mogadishu Mayor’s office saying Al-Shabaab terrorists often operate in Kenya.

“Kenyan fans, I will no longer be attending #AWiM19 African Women in Media due to a SECURITY THREAT as a result of the Al-Shabab bomb attack today in the Mogadishu Mayor's office.

“I will not be in #Nairobi tomorrow. Al-Shabab terrorists often operate in Kenya #Dusit #KemiOlunloyo,” she said.

This did not go down well with KOT who quickly engaged her in a war of words.

They would have stopped you at the airport anyway. We do not entertain threats to the national IQ average. — Goda (@Godanski) July 25, 2019

Sometimes old age comes with wisdom sometimes it comes alone. — (@MarigaThoithi) July 26, 2019

Madam, Let your economy Skelewu in peace. Choose Your Struggle, will you fight Kenyans or Corruption in Nigeria. ???? — BRAVIN™ (@ItsBravin) July 25, 2019

Dear Kenyans, she's speaking for herself not for Nigerians. We're tired of her TBH. Finish her. — Light (@Hisroyaldopenex) July 26, 2019

Kama hukuji kaa na mama yako!

— Jontae the hood master (@Jontae254) July 25, 2019

You need to wake up mam it's Been few months since that attack happned or that's what's reaching Nigerian media rynow ???????? — iamjinx (@jamrick_m) July 25, 2019

Lol Boko Haram operates inside Nigeria and you don't hear us blubbering about security threats in Nigeria. Just stay where you are coz we don't know who you are and we don't even want to — Nick Tembo (@iamtembo) July 25, 2019

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