Police arrest man caught on camera assaulting an officer

By Standard Reporter | Friday, Jul 26th 2019 at 11:31
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The DCI on Thursday announced that a man who was caught on camera assaulting an officer inside a vehicle had been arrested.

The suspect, 41-year-old David Kariuki, was arrested in Kikuyu area and the car he was using was confiscated.

He was also found in possession of a mobile phone, which according to police, had been stolen from the complainant.

“Detectives based in #Karen arrested the suspect; 41-year-old David Kariuki Kamurwa at Gikambura within Kikuyu.

“The Motor vehicle registration number KCT 730Q confiscated & a Mobile phone which had earlier been robbed from the officer recovered,” read the statement by DCI.

A video of the incident had been doing rounds on social media and eventually got the attention of DCI.

Kenyans online also weighed in on the matter and although they condemned the act, some questioned why the officer got inside the car in the first place.

As you "expedite" the case also advice on what actions would be "lawful"if a police officer gets in your vehicle and starts an assault. — Geemunyi (@Geemunyi1) July 25, 2019

But Honestly Who was Assaulting the other, the Driver or the Traffic police?What was the Officer doing in the vehicle?...If we were Swift in Handling Corruption cases like such..Our Country would be Better...Above all, All the Best To him. — SirOtienoJagem (@JagemOtieno) July 25, 2019

What was the police officer doing in the car in the first place? — Miren Haria ? (@MirenHaria) July 25, 2019

As much as it is very wrong for a motorist to assult an officer, but is it not unlawful for an officer to forcefully enter your vehicle?...it is something that your spokesmen have severally in diverse interviews alluded to.Just give a motorist a court ticket...

— karanja charles (@karnjcharles40) July 25, 2019

Before pressing charge against the gentleman kindly it’s good to first investigate what happened and why the police man was inside his vehicle what did the police man do to that man Coz he can’t be beaten without a reason Both should tell the what happened — ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? (@bravo70637356) July 26, 2019

Someone enters your vehicle, gets into a skirmish with you, loses phone in the process......and you are accused of robbing him of his phone. What script is? DCI, your office in held in high esteem and should avoid such hekaya za abunwasi stuff. — Abu Daud (@RKI2011) July 25, 2019

Officers should avoid such level of confrontation (entering a suspect's car). Officers' safety is also important. You can imagine what could have happened if the guy was armed. — Anthony Situma (@AnthonySituma) July 25, 2019

Please advice your officers to know their limits. They can easily arrest the culprits without endangering their precious lives. — Tom Olang'o (@TomOlango3) July 25, 2019

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