Why gambling is a deadly disease

By Maureen Ochieng | Wednesday, Jul 24th 2019 at 12:33
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This is to all the youths, and anyone else out there who thinks betting is a good idea. Well, it might be a good idea when you are constantly winning; but what if you are constantly losing and you just can’t stop? That’s my point. That’s when you’ll know that you are not only a gambler but an addicted gambler.

It sounds like a deadly disease without a cure. Once you start betting and lose control, you won’t stop! Just like drug abuse. It gets inside you and becomes an additional part of your body that you just can’t do without. ’That’s the sad truth.

Everything has the bad side and the good side, for betting, of course, it’s losing or winning. There’s nothing in between. Apparently, everyone bets with the intention of winning. Okay, let’s focus on the bad side of this disease. It comes fully packaged with depression, financial instability, poor planning of finances, poverty, and death!

How does one bet with Sh30,000 and loses, takes another Sh30,000, bets and loses, takes Sh10,000, bets and win Sh60,000 and then bet with the Sh60,000 and loses everything? Is that even normal?

There are a lot of suicidal deaths in our society today all of them revolving around depression due to lack of money, lack of a source of income or losing a bet you placed with your last savings. The game has really cost a lot of innocent lives, and as a result, the country is losing sources of labor.

This game will drain each and every coin in your account; it will even make you borrow money from friends, relatives, or take loans just to play it and lose. The more you play, the more you lose money, and the more poverty crawls in, and the more you live in denial, and all you can ever think of is to end your life.

Have you ever heard of someone betting with school fees? He/she loses, and what can he think of? Committing suicide.

In short, have control, know when enough is enough and just stop if it doesn’t pay you back. Don’t be too greedy and live within your standards.

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