Terryanne Chebet tumbles down the stairs at a Nairobi building

By Standard Reporter | Wednesday, Jul 24th 2019 at 09:36
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Media personality Terryanne Chebet on Tuesday revealed that she fell down a staircase at a building in Hurlingham.

Narrating her experience on Twitter, the former news anchor stated that she was ‘bumped and bruised’ but there were no major injuries.

“So I tumbled down the stairs at a building in Hurlingham, I'm bumped and bruised but super thankful for the very kind people that came to help.

“Thankfully no fractures. My ego was more wounded than my painfully swollen leg... Thank you for not laughing,” she wrote.

Netizens wished her a quick recovery and below we have sampled a few tweets:

Sorry about that, accidents do happen all the time. — Philip Etyang ??? ? (@etyangphilip) July 24, 2019

Thats what happens when you dont sing along to Wamlambez????Pole lakini.. — Isaac Muturi (@izomuturi) July 23, 2019

Pole sana. Once fell like that in Dubai, before Presidents and celebrities. My body healed but my ego never recovered!!! — Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, MBS (@EzekielMutua) July 24, 2019

Woi pole sana, I just remembered a day I fell down with my hands in the pocket on my way down my hands refused to come out of the pockets.... Thankfully my mouth was loyal coz my lips touched down first, you can imagine what happened next... I ate the earth!! — Jontehz Mahinda ???????? (@jonnte) July 23, 2019

Hizi high heels ndio muache. Ingia @batashoes shop ununue ngoma. Hautawai anguka. Anyway, pole — Change (@ayodo_change) July 24, 2019

Staircase tumbles are a terrifying experience. I'm glad you're not seriously injured.

— Mo (@MoSande) July 23, 2019

Normal things ,dunia ni kupanda na kushuka ????????????????????????????????? — Mathioya Murang'a ?????????? (@MathioyaCrystal) July 23, 2019

Wah, pole. That happened to me earlier this year at Shelter Afrique, got a few stitches! The scars remind me that the past is real ????????! — Rose Muturi (@RoseMuturi_1) July 24, 2019

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