Ex-judge dragged out of court by guards after collapsing when being jailed

By Mirror | Tuesday, Jul 23rd 2019 at 13:29
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A former judge was dragged out of an Ohio courtroom after pandemonium broke out in the public gallery when she was sent to jail.

Ex-Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter was handed six months in prison for giving her youth corrections officer brother confidential documents in a bid to save his job.

She was convicted of unlawful interest in a public contract in 2014 and was finally sent down on Monday after a series of appeals.

The ex-judge collapsed after she stood up to be taken to jail, with officers then dragging her out of the court.

Protesters in the courtroom shouted 'no justice, no peace' when her sentence was announced, according to Fox San Antonio.

One woman tried to stop police from handcuffing Hunter, before being arrested herself.

Hunter became a judge at Hamilton County Court in 2010 and was suspended in 2014 after being charged with various offences over her bid to save her brother's job.

She pleaded not guilty to all of the charges but was convicted of one felony count of unlawful interest in a public contract, with the jury failing to reach a verdict on the other counts.

The former judge reportedly said her prosecution was a political vendetta fuelled by her winning a seat on the juvenile court.

She was the first African American elected to Hamilton County's Juvenile Court.

Ohio State Senator Cecil Thomas said: "They are saying to us, 'stay in your place, don't you dare challenge our authority down here'."

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