Five elephants on the loose

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Jul 20th 2019 at 12:47
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The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) on Friday reported that a herd of five male elephants had lost their route around Timboroa Forest Dam and urged locals to be careful.

The wildlife body reported that elephants were migrating from Laikipia to Mau but assured members of the public that the situation was under control.

“A herd of five male elephants on migration from Laikipia to Mau have lost their route and are wandering around Timboroa forest dam.

“Our teams are, however, on the ground. If you are in this area, you are advised to exercise caution,” read the post.

While some netizens urged KWS officers to act quickly and guide the elephants safely to their habitat, others made fun of the whole situation.

Here are some of the reactions:

They look like baby elephants. Na waliambiwa wasicheze mbali na mama but....... — Louisa11 (@Louisa1114) July 19, 2019

How do you use 1. 'five male elephants' 2. 'have lost their route'3. 'wondering around' in the same sentence? Cant you see this is a plot well planned & executed. Din't you do the same in high school? Come-on give the lads a break. Let them adventure. They now know Timboroa — Jack O. Abira (@OAbira) July 19, 2019

Congrats to the photographer,who took that photo of those five male Elephants!Are those Elephants lost or they are on heat?They seems to be in no hurry and as clever as the elephants seems to be,their five Spouses are waiting for them,just around the corner!! — ASHLEY CHICHI BABY (@AshleyShis) July 19, 2019

Maybe they're running away from their problematic wives — Goliath Akers (@MeanKaiser) July 19, 2019

Males and never asking for directions ????

— Fred Ndong' (@ndongystyle) July 19, 2019

The elephant knows that many kenyan have no money to go to game reserve so they have decided to visit them. — Salama (@Salama59819109) July 19, 2019

They probably walking away from their troubled unions.. Probably looking for a bedsitter to cool off away from toxic relationship ???? — Count Olaf (@Olaf_Ke) July 19, 2019

They just had to be male, and am here wondering why I lose my way back home every weekend...its just in the male species, sio kupenda kwetu???? — 254Native (@Nel_Soo) July 19, 2019

Kuna mmoja wao amedai anajuwa base iko na madame — Ape. X (@MajestyInc) July 19, 2019

It's normal. Mark you, they are male and all of us the male species are bound to lose our way on Fridays. I am sure on Sunday they will be safely home at Mau. — Matata JM (@matatajm1) July 19, 2019

Are you sure they are not looking for girls? — Rose Odondi (@RoseOdondi3) July 19, 2019

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