Anne Kiguta weighs in on Arunga’s predicament

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Jul 20th 2019 at 09:24
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TV journalist Anne Kiguta this week commented on what befell former news anchor Esther Arunga in Australia.

Speaking during an interview on K24 digital, Kiguta stated that she had learnt a lot from the case and urged media personalities to exercise caution in their daily interactions.

“Everyone likes power, but no one likes the responsibility that comes with it. I always urge caution when young people are entering this space.

“Nothing quite prepares you for this level of public exposure,” she said.

Kiguta further urged media houses to provide guidance to young talents in the field saying editorial management should often step in to give direction and protect their brand.

“There is a certain amount of responsibility required of media houses when they are bringing in talent on air. Do they have structures to support these women?

“Editorial management in stations should step up and put measures to support and protect their brand, and also support matters that can be quite personal,” she remarked.

Kiguta added that she is a believer and God has kept her grounded over the years.

She also hinted that news anchors go through a lot after interviews on TV saying, “…also you don’t know what we go through after asking those tough questions and then wish you a good evening.

“I am not perfect than all those other women. These are things that happen to anyone. It takes one mistake and you go down that road.”

Arunga was on Thursday freed by an Australian court after she was convicted in the murder case of her three-year-old son Sinclair Timberlake.

She had been handed a 10-month sentence but was freed on parole.

The former news anchor had admitted lying to police regarding the death of her son in a bid to protect her husband Quincy Timberlake.

According to an autopsy report, Sinclair died in 2014 due to blunt force trauma to the abdomen.

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