Esther Arunga was smart, book smart — Former schoolmate speaks of ex-TV queen’s prowess in class

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Jul 17th 2019 at 11:33
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“I was in Form 1 when Esther was in Form 4. She was very smart. An “A” student. Not just that, she was fun, eloquent…just living her life like any high school student.

“I used to look at Esther and her friends and wonder if one day I would ever be like her or speak like her or be graceful yet hyper like her. She was all rounded.”

This is how Jean Ayacko, an alumna of Kenya High School, remembers her interactions with former news anchor Esther Arunga.

Having been in school around the same time, Ayacko fondly remembers how Arunga was often mentioned among the top performers at the prestigious institution.

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Through a Facebook post, she recalled how Esther was mentioned every Friday at the merit awards, which basically recognized exceptional brains at the school.

“There is this song we used to sing in Kenya High if your house or class or just the school had won some trophy or award.

“The song went: “Aloya! Aloya tumeshinda! Aloya.” I remember Esther dancing to this song. Running with her classmates around the blocks and classrooms.

“Her class had won some trophy…See, Esther was smart as in book smart. I remember her mentioned every Friday at the merit awards,” she recounted.

Ayacko also mentioned minor cases of indiscipline, (which we have all faced) at one point, but described Arunga as a ‘brilliant and beautiful person both inside and out.’

Following a recent confession by Arunga that she lied about her son’s death at the hands of her husband Quincy Timberlake, Ayacko urged the public to show her some love and understand that she made a mistake, just like any other human.

“Today I am here to tell you guys that Esther is not just that news anchor that you all saw on TV neither was she just Timberlake’s wife or whatever you remember from the media.

“She is a PERSON. She is me and you. She is somebody’s child. She made a mistake. Everybody makes a mistake,” she wrote.

Further calling on all former Kenya High students to stand in the gap for Arunga, who was once the talk of town for her eloquence and poise on TV.

“I am calling on all Bomarians current and former, I am calling on my friends, my Facebook family and my prayer warriors to stand in the gap for Esther.

“That whatever it is she is going through; may God meet her at her point of need. May she feel God’s love. May we smother her with LOVE.” 

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