Man breaks into church, finds nothing to steal and finally writes letter asking for prayers

By Bosco Marita | Monday, Jul 15th 2019 at 12:06
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An identified man allegedly broke into a church, found nothing to steal and later resorted to writing a letter asking for prayers.

In a piece of paper shared on twitter by The African Voice, the man claimed to have been sent by one of the members belonging to PEFA church.

“First and foremost good morning,” began the letter.

“I was sent here by one of your fellow Christian who told me that there was an amount of money kept inside the church, but I got nothing,” he proceeded.

“God bless you and pray for me. Letter from the man who broke the church,” he concluded.

According to The African Voice, the said PEFA church is based at Engineer, Nyandarua County.

This comes a day after thieves broke into Full Gospel Church in Baringo county, went way with Sh10000 and other valuables with an estimated value of Sh200000.

Police are currently investigating the matter to get hold of the culprits believed to be from within the area in which the church is located.

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