DP Ruto takes a swipe at Tuju: Kenyans mixed reactions as Moses Kuria defends the SG

By Bosco Marita | Sunday, Jul 14th 2019 at 13:53
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Deputy President William Ruto has criticized Jubilee Party Secretary-General (SG) Raphael Tuju over alleged involvement in the 2022 succession politics with the opposition.

On Sunday, DP Ruto took to social media to express his disappointment on the allegations against his party’s SG.

“So our democracy is so liberal that the SG of the ruling party has become the chief strategist of the opposition!! Maajabu,” wrote the DP on his Twitter page.

In reference to the DP remarks, Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria defended Tuju saying he doesn’t deserve the criticism.

“Dear my good friend Deputy President William Ruto. Jubilee went into political bankruptcy on the 9th of March 2018. The nature and configuration of Kenya's politics forced us into Article 11 Bankruptcy. Raphael Tuju is only a Receiver-Manager. Don't attack the messenger please,” wrote Kuria on Facebook.

The DP remarks come at the backdrop of alleged fighting within the ruling party which is said to be divided into two factions.

The two groups include Tanga Tanga, which is allied to DP Ruto and seemingly against the handshake while Kieleweke which is in support of the handshake ndshake between President Uhuru and NASA leader Raila Odinga.

 A new group dubbed Team Wanjiku was recently established, allegedly under the leadership of Moses Kuria, to address the needs of the common mwananchi.

Members of the Tanga Tanga wing have been calling for the resignation of the Jubilee Party’s SG on grounds that he was siding with the opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Tuju and Raila have recently had a close relationship after years of the former being referred to as rebel of Nyanza politics.

For the three times Raila took a stab at the presidency since 2007, Tuju has never supported him.

The DP criticism has drawn mixed reactions from Kenyans on social media.

Here are some of the Twitter reactions from Kenyans:

Hon. William Chepkut @chepkut_william

Karibu CCM my brother, we will gladly receive you with my brother @BuzekiKiprop.

Polycarp Hinga® @PolycarpHinga

Indeed it is. It is so very liberal that the Deputy President and Deputy Party Leader can openly contradict and defy the President and Party Leader.Ni maajabu kweli.

Robert Mkenya@robertorxketch

You take Aisha Jumwa (who is clueless), you antagonize them for fighting a woman despite unity calls. we take Tuju (who is tactful and strategist), you go about ranting and complaining. Stop child cry

 Alex Simwa @AlexSimwa5

You haven't seen anything Muheshimiwa, more is on the way coming. You should accept the reality and prepare to be the Opposition leader, and If you won't be careful you will lose everything including the Opposition leader, Moses Kuria will snatch it from you, I'm happy 4 Waiguru

Nick™ @Kiplimo_Nick

Tuju should be out of the cabinet like yesterday..

Ezec Taurus @zestsportmaster

Wind up Jubilee. You are 2nd in command so when you complain what does Tapkurgoi back home do? This country needs a serious rebellion to put things in order .the Constitution is just paper.

Prince Denno ???????? @DRatemo

You've been cornered my fren, you running mate never invited you that's why you are so bitter.

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