Sonko offers free delivery to newlywed Waiguru at Pumwani hospital, Kenyans react

By Bosco Marita | Sunday, Jul 14th 2019 at 12:16
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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has alluded that the newlywed Kirinyaga County Boss Anne Mumbi is expectant and offered her a free delivery at Pumwani Maternity Hospital.

The City-County Boss posted a picture on his social media handle that “Waiguru to deliver free at Pumwani maternity hospital". 

He urged Governor Waiguru to have her delivery at the city hospital and revealed that his wife will also be having her baby in the same hospital soon.

 “May you have a safe delivery on your bundle of joy on the way? You are welcome to enjoy the state of the art maternity facilities at Pumwani hospital where the 1st Lady of Nairobi is also set to deliver there in a couple of months to come,” wrote Sonko on her Instagram page.

The city boss, however, congratulated the two and wished them well in their fresh shot at love.

“Before the honeymoon begins let me take this earliest opportunity on behalf of my family and the great people of Nairobi to congratulate my colleague from Kirinyaga Anne Waiguru for getting married to Wakili Waiganjo. May the Lord bless your marriage,” wrote Sonko

In a colourful wedding graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta, NASA leader Raila Odinga, Cabinet secretaries and a lot of other leaders, the Kirinyaga boss had a classical wedding at the Kiamugumo Primary school in Gichugu Constituency.

Here are some of Kenyans reactions to Sonko’s post:

Gitaga Jeremiah

Congratulations that’s a good example leader can show the citizens. At least Pumwani has been upgraded, making it safe for our mothers, sisters, wives, and all mums to deliver in a state-of-the-art facility

Joseph Makumi Munga

Governor, I am not understanding whether this is sarcasm or congratulations my fellow Kenyans help me to understand.

Christine Kogi Wao!

Governor Sonko you never seize to amuse me. You are an awesome leader setting the pace always. God bless you and your family

SK Lenguyia

The reason you are my governor Mike Sonko, giving confidence to members of the public

Emilio Gicovi

Sonko I really salute ur post but hapo umesema “...for getting married for second time to....hukunijenga. Maze vitu zingine lets make them private. Continue making Nairobi great

Kimathi Xtine

It's humorous. No offence intended I believe. He has mentioned his wife who is equally mature in age

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