SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS: Drivers scramble for cash after door of armoured truck opens

By Mirror | Friday, Jul 12th 2019 at 16:14
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Drivers were filmed grabbing cash on the side of the road after an armoured truck's side door flew open.

The bizarre scene saw dozens of drivers on a motorway in Atlanta, US, pulling over and dashing for the cash.

Dunwoody Sergeant Robert Parsons said the authorities believe an estimated $175,000 (Sh18million) wound up flying out on the Atlanta interstate.

He said there were over 15 vehicles pulled over as drivers hopped off their cars and collected the money.

"Officers and the truck crew gathered a few hundred dollars that were still there when officers arrived, but plenty was taken by passerby's sticky fingers.

"The exact amount is currently unknown," the police statement read.

But officers warned that drivers will not be able to keep their hauls.

Mr Parsons told WSB: "Those people who do not return the money, we have a video, we have tag numbers. We have footage of people on the interstate.

"What we're asking the public to do is bring the money back. Don't make us come looking for you, because if we do that, you probably will be charged."

The truck was confirmed to be owned by GardaWorld, one of the largest private security companies in North America, according to ABC News.

The City of Dunwoody posted on Twitter yesterday showing that one person has turned over a pile of cash worth of $2,150 (Sh 215,000).

The post read: "Honesty is the best policy. Some people have been returning the money that fell from an armoured car on I-285 last night.

"We salute you for doing the right thing."

Driver Randall Lewis, who returned the cash, said: "It looked like piles of leaves blowing in the wind.

"I could not believe my eyes that this was legit money."

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