From campus to total poverty- fate of graduates

By Mumo Munuve | Thursday, Jul 11th 2019 at 12:37
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After graduating from school, there is so much to think about and probably so many changes. Adapting to these changes becomes the real deal. I had a friend who extended his stay at the university without signs of vacating. I approached him, concerned about why he did not want to go home. After asking him, he said, "what will I do after going home? What's my next move in life? I'm confused!"

Any average graduate would think of an attachment in one of the 'big' companies and hope to be retained. Such students would tirelessly work to prove to the bosses why they deserve a job. They would spend a lot of time in the offices glued on their office desktop computers looking serious when all they'll be doing is being on Facebook, WhatsApp, or even on Twitter checking out the disputes between kieleweke and tangatanga. 

At the end of the day, they would have lost so much time and end up going back to the village empty-handed. Others would be so much frustrated by life that they end up in their hassles. These kinds of youths are called 'the intelligent ones.' They struggle and earn their cash. Literary, they are their own bosses. But what drives them into self-employment?

After graduating from university, every youth has goals. We all yearn to practice in our areas of specialization, but not all of us end there. As they say, life does not always serve us what we order. Many graduates would ascertain that getting an internship opportunity is hard; let alone an actual job. They would walk through all the corridors but end up with 'nenda tutakupigia simu' from the bosses. These calls are never made. It's just a polite way of telling them, 'try somewhere else.' 

Most of those 'big' offices would treat you as an Ebola patient, especially one coming from the Busia border. They would hurriedly ask for your credentials which are thrown in the next dustbin as soon as the graduate leaves the premises. That's unfair, but the naked truth.

The government should do something about the increased unemployment rates in the country. There are so many qualified graduates languishing in poverty. Create jobs for them; that's all they want and need.

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