Sh400 million found in abandoned boat

By Standard Reporter | Wednesday, Jul 10th 2019 at 09:25
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Authorities in Puerto Rico over the weekend found five bags stuffed with almost Sh400 million in a boat they had been chasing.

Also found in the boat was a pistol with 63 rounds of ammunition.

CNN reported that US Customs and Border Protection agents, along with the DEA, made the seizure after tracking the vessel that was traveling without lights from Puerto Rico to the US Virgin Islands.

“As authorities followed the boat, it made an abrupt turn back toward Fajardo, on the east coast of Puerto Rico, and landed near the Rio Fajardo,” reported CNN.

Some occupants were seen unloading bags but quickly fled when they spotted security personnel.

Johnny Morales, director of air and marine operations for the Caribbean Air and Marine Branch, said they would continue working day and night to thwart smuggling activities in the Caribbean.

"We remain committed to working with other federal and local law enforcement partners to detect and deter smuggling attempts throughout the Caribbean,” he said in a statement.

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