VIDEO: Uhuru prays for Magufuli’s sick mother, wants son to marry Tanzanian

By Bosco Marita | Monday, Jul 8th 2019 at 10:07
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On Friday President Kenyatta met his Tanzanian counterpart, President John Magufuli, in a private visit at the latter’s home in Geita.

During the visit, President Uhuru met Magufuli’s sick mother and prayed for her.

In the video footage, President Uhuru, a staunch Catholic, was recorded doing a sign of the cross and thereafter bowed his head to pray for about two minutes.

President Uhuru also had an opportunity to address Tanzanian citizens at his host home village of Chato.

While emphasizing on the need to strengthen the friendship between the two nations, President Uhuru said he will urge his son to have a tour in the country and try his luck in getting a Tanzanian wife.

"Hata kijana yangu nitamwambia akuje atembee tembee huku labda ataweza bahatika hata yeye( I will tell my son to come and visit this country maybe he can be lucky to get one)," Uhuru said.

Uhuru added that the two nations should continue interacting not only in business but also through intermarriages in order to strengthen the bonds between the two countries.

Touched by Uhuru’s visit, President Magufuli gifted Uhuru four peacocks saying the latter had admired his peacocks ever since he saw them upon arriving at his homestead.

“Because of the good friendship between us and our countries, I have been touched and I will give out four Peacocks which will be delivered to him in Nairobi,” said Magufuli.

He, however, told President Uhuru that immediately the peacock recreates, he should return the four back to him.

Magufuli added that the gift was so special since had never given anyone and he would not do so again.

“Because of historical background I have never donated them but today I feel joy in my heart that it is only prudent to bless the person behind the joy,” he said.

The Presidents’ visit came at a time when Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua is facing incitement charges.

The President took the opportunity to condemn the remarks by the MP and said the two nations will continue working together in all aspects of life.

Here is the Video of Uhuru praying for Magufuli's mother Courtesy of KE News Network:

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