Nairobi woman shocks many after narrating how she was drugged for being a good Samaritan

By Bosco Marita | Tuesday, Jul 9th 2019 at 08:32
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Cases of motorists being drugged on the Kenyan roads are not new. Many have had their kind gesture of offering rides- turned into moments of regrets.

A case of Charity Nzomo, highlighted on her Twitter page, reveals one of the many techniques used by cons to defraud unsuspecting and courteous motorist of their valuables.

On her way driving to Ruaka from Kitisuru on Friday, she came across a woman seemingly out of conscious.

Like what any other kind person would do, she couldn’t pass without checking if there was any help she could offer.

Unexpectedly, after alighting from her vehicle in a bid to offer a helping hand, a web of well-organized cons were quick to dismiss her kind gesture.

“I moved to check on the lady, but a guy walks to me and says this lady is a perennial drunkard. He adds they are used to her and he eventually calls someone to help her out. Then I decide well! She will be taken care of and I walk back to my car,” wrote Charity.

On her way to the car, Charity meets a lady who requests for a ride to a distance that is a four-minute’ drive away.

Though hesitant, she obliged and took off with her. On the way, things began going south that it became apparent to her something was amiss.

“About a minute or two later, I'm feeling light headed but I convince myself it's the paranoia...So I start telling her how I almost got drugged by someone I gave a lift before. She starts looking uncomfortable,” she narrated.

According to Charity, after her revelation, the lady apparently doubles the dose of the drug such that she got out of control in quick succession.

“I pull up suddenly, almost hitting some guy! Just before I could black out. So I parked before a busy junction and told her to either alight or I scream. She headed and disappeared immediately,” she continued to narrate.

Fortunately, after the lady alighted, Charity was able to regain consciousness and continued with the rest of the journey.

In a different case, Sylvano Ngacha reacted to Charity’s experience by claiming he was defrauded along Ruiru Bypass in a similar manner. 

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