Boni Khalwale boasts of buying Kakamega girl a dress, Kenyans react

By Bosco Marita | Sunday, Jul 7th 2019 at 14:01
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After declaring his interest in the governor's seat, former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has continued with his meet-the-people-tour in his region.

However, even as the dust is yet to settle on the backlash he received after congratulating Harambe stars for beating Tanzania- a few days after he had ridiculed them for losing to Algeria - the online users have trolled him again.

On Saturday, the aspiring was at the Navakholo Constituency in Kakamega where he claimed to have had a youth empowerment program.

He posted on his Twitter page a picture of a young girl he was carrying and wrote: “While in Navakholo today for a youth motivational & empowerment program…”

However, his further remarks: “…a little angel popped up from nowhere and fell in love with me! I immediately bought her a brand new dress,” caught the attention of his followers who were quick to react.

Though a few people approved of his kind gesture, many criticized him for boasting over what some would call 'not-important'.

Here are some of the Twitter reactions from his followers:

Wickliffe @cliffeBrowns

We should start questioning the age of our good Dr He is deteriorating so exponentially.

Kadima @PhilloKadz

So??? Now that you bought her a dress worth 300, you want the whole world to clap for you?

isaiah omondi @isaiah_omondi

Paying her school fees would have been better... dress will get torn, education will stay forever

 Margaret Kamau @Margare67160459

Tenda wema tembeza! We do not need to know! Or you did it for publicity????

The wanted @JohnsonMinyari2

Buying a new dress to little girl should not be in public,though we understand you're a blogger nowdays!

Nicholaz de Mikudhoz @NicholazdeMikud

U should have sponsored her education. This twang'ang'ana people. U like showing up, even for things that don't make sense Nkt!!!

Mwaimuthee @Mwaimuthee1

Kenyans we are so rude to our leaders that is why after elections, if you call them unasikia mteja hapatikani.

Fred @Izaika

Enyewe you cannot be helped. People are doing great things out here without uttering a single word. Paying school fees and hospital bills, building widows’ houses. You buy a child a dress and you can't stop farting about it


Talk of long-term solutions, what is a dress surely?? N you want to be a governor?

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