Bob Collymore’s friends owe me something and they have to pay — Uhuru

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Jul 4th 2019 at 17:19
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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday revealed what former Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore shared with him before his demise.

Speaking during a memorial service at All Saints Cathedral, President Kenyatta stated that Bob loved Kenya, Safaricom, his wife and children and a fourth thing that he did not want to mention.

During his speech, the Head of State praised the deceased for the impact he made in the corporate sector but had one regret.

“One disappointment is that I was supposed to have gone back (to Bob’s house) to collect something that had been reserved for a special friend…so Peter Kenneth, Oigara and crew you will have to pay because that did not belong to you,” said the President as the church burst out in laughter.

President Kenyatta had also highlighted his last interaction with Collymore and how he learnt that he would not continue as Safaricom’s CEO.

“About three weeks ago I was on a trip to Canada and Bob kept on calling me. The next day I called him back and asked him why he was calling at 2am,” said the President.

Collymore told him he was not aware that he was out of the country.

The President asked if they could continue with their conversation the following day but Bob said he had something urgent to say.

“There is something urgent I wanted to tell you, but I guess it can wait. But I just wanted to tell you, I made you a promise that I'd hang on for another year or so in the company (Safaricom), but I think I'm going to break that promise…we will talk about it when you get back,” said Collymore.

Upon his arrival to Kenya, Uhuru went over to Collymore’s house and they revisited their previous discussion.

It was at this point that Collymore told him his time on earth was almost up.

The President tried to suggest alternatives but Collymore had made up his mind and had accepted that his time had come.

They also discussed the future of Safaricom and corruption in the country.

Collymore’s last request to Uhuru was to ensure Wambui and the kids are well taken care of.

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