Man reveals what God told him about Kenya’s Coat of Arms

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Jul 3rd 2019 at 14:59
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Charles Mangua, a petitioner from Limuru, wants ‘Kenya’ to replace the word ‘Harambee’ in the Coat of Arms.

According to him, God is not happy with the use of the word ‘Harambee’ and dire consequences will follow if it is not changed.

“I shall not be held responsible for the lives of the people Kenya by God concerning that matter of the word appearing on the Coat of Arms.

“You shall all be held responsible collectively and individually before God concerning the matter of the word on the Coat of Arms, which should be reading the name ‘Kenya’,” said Mangua.

He maintained that the changes should be made immediately since it is a command from God.

‘Harambee’ literally means to pull together and has been used many times.

In fact, even Kenya’s football team carries the name. In Nairobi there’s Harambee Avenue and Harambee House.

Following the petition, Speaker Justin Muturi directed the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee to consider it and report to the House.

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