Lessons that we can learn from the life of Bob Collymore

By Dayan Masinde | Monday, Jul 1st 2019 at 14:21
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1. You are never too young to start learning how to do business. Bob made art using Plastacine and started selling them at age 12.

2. No matter what people say about you because of your race, age, tribe, life circumstances or you being a single parent; don't let that deter you, know who you are. Bob faced racism at some point in time in the UK due to him being black, but he knew he was to be great.

3. Find a company to work for that fits your vision and grow with it. Bob grew with Vodafone and kept rising in position. Stay loyal and patient.

4. No one can argue against results. To keep getting promotions and opportunities, deliver results like Bob.

5. Even when you have a great predecessor, find your own path and leave your own mark. Bob took after Michael Joseph who was a great leader. Don't be a shadow of anyone. Be uniquely you.

6. Use your power to uplift others. Bob used his power to lead Safaricom into investing in the arts, music and the youth.

7. Don't just care about profits, impact society. Safaricom has used its success to touch lives, this is a reflection of Bob's leadership.

8. Despite your health or body condition, you can still be productive. Bob as a C.E.O was battling cancer.

9. When you succeed, people will spread rumours about you, don't mind them. When Bob was seeking treatment out of the country, some were spreading rumours about him.

10. You're never too old to pursue love. Bob fell in love at the helm of his career. Companionship is a human need no matter your age and financial status.

11. Leave a legacy like Bob did, be legacy driven. When you pass on, what will people remember you for?

12. No matter how wealthy or successful you are, your life on earth is temporary.


© Dayan Masinde

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