Mutua vs Ndile: My life is in danger says Kalembe Ndile

By Bosco Marita | Wednesday, Jul 3rd 2019 at 12:26
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Former Kibwezi Member of Parliament Kalembe Ndile now says his life is in danger.

While addressing a press conference in Nairobi on Sunday, he claimed Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua wants to assassinate him through proxies.

 “Last night around 7 pm while in Mavoko, I met a middle-aged man who came directly to me and alongside him was a council vehicle. He told me I better vacate Mlolongo and that they will break my leg,” said Ndile.

Following consultation with his lawyer, Ndile today reported the incident at the Parliament police post in Nairobi.

Ndile also claimed that officers from the County Government of Machakos have been harassing his tenants and arresting them for no reason.

Ndile added that his Macha Beach Hotel was closed and his seven workers arrested.

He said the County Government has ordered him to relocate his tenants and thereafter comply with legal obligations before embarking on his business operations.

However, he disputed the allegations that his buildings were erected on riparian land saying the land was never owned by the County Government.

In addition, Ndile said he has all approvals of the structures and called on the national government to provide him with adequate security.

Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko on Thursday visited Machakos with several legislators. He condemned the closure of the hotel and arrest of its workers.

Mutua, while in Nairobi Central Business District barely a week ago, promised to personally refurbish and maintain the Tom Mboya statue, which he claimed is neglected.

According to Ndile, the recent happening follows his utterances urging Machakos County boss to use the funds, he pledged to use for the improvement of statues, to better the lives of his people.

Leaders who accompanied Ndile at the press conference included former Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo and Nairobi businessman Stanley Livondo.

They dared Mutua to make good his threats and called on the government to protect its people.

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