Robert Burale meets his lookalike from Jamaica

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Jun 29th 2019 at 16:16
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The recent saga involving the now famous Kakamega twins is proof that your twin or look-alike might be in a different city, town or even country.

Preacher and motivational speaker Robert Burale knows this too well and on Thursday shared photos he took with his lookalike ‘Male Fashion Geek’ who hails from Jamaica.

Netizens could hardly tell the difference between the two who have a striking resemblance and a similar sense of style.

Burale revealed that they first ‘met’ on Instagram and joked that they might be twins.

“With my brother @malefashiongeek ..The Lord is gracious. We met on Instagram then the good Lord orchestrated this meeting.

“Either he is Kenyan or I am Jamaican. WAGWAAAAAN . @izzynephyedge & @richblackafricathank you for the merchandise. Well received,” he said.

The fashion geek, on the other hand, said he was thrilled to finally meet his ‘twin brother’ and was grateful to God for allowing them to link up.

“It's a great day when you finally get to meet your Twin Brother from another Mother @burale1. God is gracious and allowed this to happen.

“Big thanks to @izzynephyedge & @richblackafricafor the merchandise!! Greatly appreciated!!” he said.

Netizens could hardly believe the resemblance of the two and asked Burale if either of his parents ever made a trip to Jamaica.

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