Love-struck MP subject of gossip

By Grapevine | Friday, Jun 28th 2019 at 09:51
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A member of the National Assembly has become the subject of salacious gossip among her colleagues.

The first term MP is whispered to have undergone a complete metamorphosis after finding love within the corridors of parliament.

The man that has swept the lawmaker off her feet is said to be a powerful colleague and fellow member of the house.

Yesterday two female legislators from her home region were overheard complaining that the lawmaker no longer has time for them after she found love.

“They will leave each other and we shall be here,” said one of the MPs with a sneer on her face. The two love-struck parliamentarians are married.

Still on politicians…

An overzealous senator may have to acquit herself with how sessions of house committees are conducted to avoid embarrassment.

The legislator on Monday was left with an egg on her face after she was put off by the chairperson of a committee she belongs to, after she kept shooting questions at a witness procedural.

Her move interrupted the presentation of the witness- the boss of constitutional commission- who was making presentation before the lawmakers.

This is not the first time the renowned MP has been censored by the leader of a committee.

In the past she has found herself on the receiving end from the chairperson of yet another committee she belongs to for being ‘restless’, as she walks in and out of the committee to answer her phone call.

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