Meet three-year-old boy who does Math for fun

By Standard Reporter | Wednesday, Jun 26th 2019 at 15:43
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Aiden Blasian, a three-year-old boy from Washington DC, is getting recognition from all over the world due to his unique gift of solving math problems.

At his age, most kids can barely understand addition and subtraction but Blasian can easily add numbers of more than 10 digits and understands some algebraic equations.

His mum Cynthia Adinig said that her son’s interest in mathematics started when he was just 2 years old.

‘‘In my family we like math and sometimes we do math problems together. One day my dad sent me a problem, Aiden saw the notes and started solving it.

"We started giving him problem after problem and he was answering everything correctly,” she said.

Further, she expressed optimism that Blasian will be the equivalent of a fourth-grade student due to his unique ability.

“We expect him to be at a fourth-grade level by the time he starts school.''

On his Instagram page, there are several videos where Aiden is seen solving math problems on a whiteboard.

While his mum often helps him to understand the logic, Aiden seems to be a fast learner as he quickly employs what he is taught to get the answer.

Apart from math, the boy also has an understanding of the basic rules of chess.

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