Consult Kenyans before forcing decisions on them

By Steve Biko Bantu | Wednesday, Jun 26th 2019 at 08:24
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The Government has on several occasions acted in a way that clearly shows it does not care what Kenyans think or feel about its projects. We saw this during the implementation of Huduma Namba, which was done through threats. We also saw the same during the imposition of 1.5 per cent in tax for the so-called affordable houses initiative.

None of the ideas was discussed with the public to know its opinion. Instead, the Government thought it would push its will down the throats of Kenyans. Now we have a proposal to scrap some courses in the university, which parents have paid fees for, and students have studied to completion without seeking their views and participation on the subject.

As if this is not enough, they changed the curriculum without following proper procedures and involving all stakeholders, putting our children in quagmire. Now they are trying to figure out how to put civil servants on contracts, again without public participation or consent.

It is high time leaders who think they are the nation’s think-tank and coming up with all these unwise decisions started understanding that the government is the people; and as such, the people must be consulted before any decision that affects them is implemented, no matter how small. Sovereignty of this republic lies with the people.

The mwananchi is the bosses, not those who hold public offices. We are not going to be colonised by a few people who think they are wiser and smarter than all of us. President Uhuru Kenyatta must check Government officials who abuse the sovereignty of the people by forcing things on Kenyans without consulting them.

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