Loaded Senator loses money during trip

By Grapevine | Wednesday, Jun 26th 2019 at 08:19
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A popular Senator over the weekend caused a ruckus at an airstrip after claiming that someone had stolen part of the money he was carrying.

Trouble is said to have started when the legislator who was in the company of his colleagues was alighting from the helicopter he had boarded to travel to the remote area.

As he was picking his luggage he was heard screaming that somebody had pinched part of the cash he had carried in a non-woven bag.

A body search the senator conducted on the pilot, who he had entrusted to keep the money, yielded nothing.

The politician later in the evening confided to his colleagues that he had lost Sh100,000 from the close to Sh1m he had carried.

He however flatly refused to explain why he was walking around with such huge amount of money.

In other news…

A first time MP has been hit hard by the news ranking her among the worst performing legislators. The politician who is normally very active on social media has for the first time taken a break from Facebook and has gone under in regional Whatsapp groups.

When the list of shame became public, the lawmaker reached out to journalists requesting for pictures that show her in committee meetings.

Since Sunday, her handlers have been sharing the pictures of her in House committee with the group trashing the report that has left their boss with an egg on her face.

The photos have however done little to help the situation, as netizens have challenged her to share Hansard reports of her contributing in the chamber.

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