Vocal in social media but silent in Parliament? MPs respond

By Bosco Marita | Monday, Jun 24th 2019 at 09:16
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The latest report released by Mzalendo Trust has ranked Members of Parliament and Senate based on their contribution to the Parliament.

The report has unmasked several MPs and Senators, who appear to be vocal on social media, but null and the least contributors in the Assemblies.

Oscar Sudi, Kapseret Member of Parliament, despite being an active MP on Facebook is among the silent MPs in Parliament. He has never brought a motion to the tenth Parliament. He never debates. He has never uttered a word.

Nevertheless, he never lacks questions and commentaries on matters of national governance on his Facebook role.

He has always claimed to be fighting for the common mwananchi rights and championing for development.

Upon the release of the report, Sudi responded by saying he had more significant roles in Parliament than just ‘talking.’

In video footage shared on his Facebook page, the MP said; “I have a bigger role in Parliament that entails passing of bills that benefit the common citizens. There are MPs who have done nothing to helps citizens. Kapsaret residents have not complained because they are privy to ongoing development work.”

The case is not different for nominated Senator Millicent Omanga. She is a household name in the social scenes.

On Facebook, Twitter Instagram, among others, she is a consummate contributor. She is ever updating her followers on his social life and at times on her development project.

But in the Senate Assembly, one cannot help but ask when she last articulated issues in the House. She has been ranked among the silent nominated senators.

Unexpectedly, Gatundu South legislator Moses Kuria, an active MP on Facebook and Twitter has only spoken thrice in the National Assembly.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino who ostensibly appears to be a fearless debater and vocal on Facebook and Twitter is nowhere to be seen among the best performing Parliamentarians.

He has however said that he is not in always endeavoring to compete with fellow MPs since it is not his priority.

Responding to the report the MP on Facebook posted; “From the outset, let me be clear that I am not in competition with my Honorable colleagues but rather, I am fully focused on delivering for my employers, the great constituents of Embakasi East.”

Although the MPs and Senators try to defend their performance in the guise of development, their core mandate is very clear: to represent, legislate and oversight.

They are required to debate and ensure that the Executive and the Judiciary implement laws. Through various committees in Parliament, they are required to oversight Government projects.

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