Leave census jobs to us — Youth plead with civil servants

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Jun 22nd 2019 at 15:25
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The 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census is set to take place in August and those willing to participate in the exercise were recently invited to apply for jobs.

In total, around 165,000 jobs were advertised and they will be distributed across counties.

The positions advertised include ICT supervisors, content supervisors and enumerators.

Online, several youth have complained that civil servants are also scrambling for the jobs, accusing some of seeking leave to take up those jobs.

“It is so saddening when I see salaried employees (both in the public and private sectors) busy taking up August leave in order to compete with unemployed young people some of whom are merely Form 4 leavers and others fresh from college/universities who are equally their sons and daughters in securing CENSUS JOBS.

“These individuals ought to be human enough and leave these Enumerators, Content supervisors and ICT supervisors jobs to our YOUTHS. When you deprive our youths from being responsible now, how do you want them to mould their future?” asked one Thomas Omeno.

While some agreed with him, others stated that there was no age bracket so the positions were open to any qualified individuals.

Kenya has been grappling with unemployment for the longest time and on Thursday, President Uhuru Kenyatta said Africa has to invest more in its youth for it to become a continent of hope and prosperity.

The President said he was committed to keep up the momentum to create more jobs for the youth in Kenya and would host a summit on jobs each year to engage directly with young people.

“I commit to host an annual Jobs Summit which will engage young people, partners and all stakeholders to take stock of progress and advance action to increase the quality and quantum of jobs available to our young people,” said the President.

He this as he launched a public-private partnership program that brings together MasterCard Foundation, Kenyan banks and the Government to support job creation by supporting SME’s to the tune of more than Sh 100 billion.

The Mastercard Foundation's Young Africa Works Kenya platform aims to work closely with technical colleges and linking the youth to the job market.

It is meant to create jobs by supporting the Small and Medium Enterprises through access to funds and training.

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