Punctuation error lands Passaris in trouble with netizens

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Jun 22nd 2019 at 11:13
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Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has had a rough couple of days and the online community seems to be on her case after a punctuation error in her tweet led to a fusillade of attacks.

It all started when one netizen asked her which team she was supporting in the opening match of the Africa Cup of Nations that kicked off in Egypt on Friday evening.

“Mama are you supporting any team today? Between hosts Egypt vs Zimbabwe. Coz I know you are a soccer fan.”

The legislator promptly responded by saying: “Hmmmm Zimbabwe as the host Nation will have ground support. Having said that they are all winners but only one will emerge at the top #AFCON2019 and my prayer and dream is for #HarambeeStars #Tunaweza #Twendekazi.”

At first glance, it certainly looks like she referred to Zimbabwe as the host nation but taking a closer look, proper punctuation would have brought out exactly what she meant.

Netizens were quick to bash her for not being knowledgeable in matters football and asked her to stick to her lane but she urged Kenyans to stop being a ‘man eat man’ society.

“English is obviously not your mother tongue. Egypt is the host Nation with ground support. So I support Zimbabwe. But you are the #PhdGeneration who spend 24/7 looking to Pull Him or Her Down. Sad that your low self-esteem can't allow you to spread love. #MamaTips Be Nice It Pays.

“Let me simplify the answer. Who do you support? Hmmm. I support Zimbabwe. Why? Because the host Nation has ground support. Who is the host Nation? Egypt.

“Who are the majority on the ground? Egyptians. So Zimbabwe is deserving of my support given they don't have ground support,” she clarified in a separate tweet.

AFCON officially kicked off on Friday with hosts Egypt seeing off a stubborn Zimbabwe side courtesy of a solitary goal scored by Mahmoud Ibrahim Hassan, commonly known as Trézéguet.

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