Four things which solve love doubts in a relationship

By Mutemi Andrew | Friday, Jun 21st 2019 at 12:02
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The love between partners has been a tricky riddle which its' understanding has been a great challenge to many relationships. Breakups have been nothing but just common diseases to the Kenyan youth and the entire world. Many people have been living with questions of doubt whether the virtue of love exists. It is not enough to say, "I love you," but through the expression of feelings, actions, and reactions, love is manifested.

"Bora Uhai," is the current pill to breakups by our today's youth when relationships get stuck. Which its translation is, 'life is the most important thing.' They say love is blind and it is so stressing what if it could be seeing? It would have poisoned and killed many people. That's another trending love joke by our Kenyan teens. To solve this mess, there are four things which bring healthy relationships.

1. Good communication

Most relationships die due to lack of communication between partners. For example, long distance relationships should be watered by frequent conversations in either calls or texting. This encourages immediacy between partners bringing the feeling of closeness to one another no matter their distance. Wishing each other a good night and a good morning might be simple words, but they mean a lot in the relationship.

2. Prioritizing each other

For good and longing relationship, partners should give priorities to each other. If you happen to be in an event, meeting, or congregation with your lover, introducing them to the colleagues and friends is a wise and advisable thing. This brings a sense of recognition, which makes one feel prioritized. Sharing business opportunities to each is another crucial value to happy relationships.

3. Showing concern to your spouse


Having feelings for one another is a more celebrated show of concern in a relationship. Doing of the simple things in life like holding each other's hand as you walk, pulling up her seat or holding her hand when she climbs up a staircase. Even though she can do this on her own, this makes her feel like you are mindful of her — showing concern toward each other manures your relationship to survive even under high pressures of life.

4. Being honest

Honest is virtue grown from trust and credibility. When you know you can trust your mate, it removes a tremendous potential for fears. It also builds your internal security so that you not only feel good about your partner, but you also feel better about life. Having an honest relationship creates a kind of buffer between you and the difficulties of the world. Having a mate, you can trust and rely on also makes it easier to take those risks that help us grow.

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