MCA abandons family to move in with lover

By Graoevine | Friday, Jun 21st 2019 at 11:39
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Some Voters in a ward in the Rift Valley are regretting their decision of electing the area MCA.

This is after the ward representative decided to abandon his family in the village and move in with another woman.

Word has it that the MCA plans to take the lady who is a nurse in his hometown as his second wife.

The duo has reportedly moved in together and they live not far away from the county headquarters.

What has irked those who sent him to office is that he was a humble man before clinched the post, but has now turned his back against them and his family after getting money.

Still on family…

A Senator is whispered to be at loggerheads with his immediate family members over money. So bad is the rift that the youthful politician is understood not to be in talking terms with his mother and brother.

The born of contention between the legislator and his kin is hefty bank loans the family members took to fund his campaigns.

Sources close to the family confided to The Grapevine that the mother and elder sibling of the lawmaker bankrolled his campaigns with bank loans, with an agreement that he will repay them once he gets elected to office.

After clinching the seat, the man however reneged on the promise and even stopped picking calls of his folks who stood by him when he was in need.

Word has it that his relatives are considering to seek the intervention of elders to talk to Mheshimiwa to pay –up.

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