My people are not primitive — Lonyangapuo schools Jeff Koinange on live TV

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Jun 20th 2019 at 11:44
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West Pokot Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo on Wednesday appeared on Jeff Koinange’s JKL show and set the record straight on a number of issues.

He started by explaining his now popular remark ‘kijana fupi nono round’ saying he was referring to some officials in his county who pretend to be busy but are doing very little for the people of West Pokot.

The governor also highlighted several projects he had started in the area including adult enrollment in schools, buying maize seeds for farmers to fight food shortage and constructing a ‘peace school’ where children from areas rife with cattle rustling study for free.

Despite these key milestones, Jeff kept referring to the people of West Pokot as primitive, saying they are only known for cattle rustling.

The governor, however, kept his cool and gave examples of how he was transforming the county, challenging the journalist to pay him a visit instead of relying on hearsay.

“West Pokot is not what you think. Some parts are better than Limuru, where we have Merino sheep and grow tea. We have cows that produce so much milk the dairies are lining up to look for us,” he said.

Further, Lonyangapuo stated that it was inaccurate to refer to his people as cattle rustlers since that is part of the past and they are slowly transforming to become a force to reckon with in matters development.

Asked about the state of his deputy governor who operates from abroad, the governor said he is not receiving any salary and has been instrumental in forging partnerships where the county benefits by getting medical equipment and computers for free.

“I have received 3 full containers of medical equipment from abroad in West Pokot through coordination by my deputy. Health in West Pokot has really improved.

“My deputy is currently not earning a salary. He only earns when he is around,” added Lonyangapuo.

Online, netizens bashed Koinange for unprofessionalism and urged him to get rid of his stereotype about the West Pokot community.

Essay Gig: Prof is making sense in every single statement. Jeff is just sterotyped with all sort of negativity. Indeed, his mouth need to be washed.

Mutiga Wanjohi: @KoinangeJeff you are becoming irritatingly irrelevant and insensitive. You should not refer to people as primitive.

Carol Cheptoo: @KoinangeJeff you need to travel to West Pokot. It might enlighten you a bit. Too much negativity about a county and a community you've not interacted with.

Kapenguria Heroes: Very unfortunate that the "cattle rustling" phrase is the one saturated in Jeff's words by the way we embraced sports and we are now FOOTBALL BANDITS.

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