Five campus menu for broke comrades

By Ivy Aseka | Thursday, Jun 20th 2019 at 11:05
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If you have ever lived hand-to-mouth, then you know there are meals that keep the common student going and fit their budget. These are the meals you run to after draining your account buying pizza, Bluetooth speakers and going on trips you hardly enjoyed because you were wasted the entire time. They are the go-to meals when your stomach is shocked back to default settings where it remembers that it can survive without beef.


Noodles are the bare minimum of meals. The missionary and vanilla of meals. it is the simplest meal. It’s as quick as landing a ‘fresher’ while a senior with a laptop and sound system. All you need are skills in boiling water and opening packets.


A meal of ugali, sukuma wiki and avocado has impacted many lives. It is not only cheap but is also well-balanced. With less than Sh50, one can fill their stomach and have extra for another day. It is first cousins with ‘ugali special’, which is a good option for those that cannot cook to save their lives.

Rice and cabbage

While bland and uninteresting, it is filling and pocket-friendly, which is the first parameter by which we define what is viable for a student budget. Quantity and affordability over quality.

Chapo mix

Doubtless, students in colleges and universities are the major stakeholders in the chapati economy. They are the greatest beneficiaries of the wheat economy. When some of those with fake eyebrows are not benefiting from money from wheat harvests, they join their boyfriends in eating chapati mix. Chapo mix refers to pieces of chapati cut into bean soup with countable grains. Whatever it lacks in taste, it makes up for in quantity and availability. Chapo mix is a cousin to mandazi and strong tea, which run campus breakfasts.


It is an acquired taste. One you get used to as soon as you are broke and can no longer afford chips. It is nutritious and healthier than the transformer oil most people clog their arteries with. It can also serve as a reminder of the good days when beef flowed as freely as money in clubs during month-end.

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