Egerton University student charged with killing girlfriend

By Fredrick Oginga and Daniel Chege | Thursday, Jun 20th 2019 at 09:02
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A 24-year-old Egerton University student was yesterday charged with killing his girlfriend and later attempting to commit suicide.

Edmond Ruto is alleged to have stabbed to death his girlfriend Cynthia Chelang’at at Njokerio estate situated close to the institution.

He allegedly turned the knife and stabbed himself once on his neck in an attempted suicide after he allegedly murdered Chelang’at before he was rescued by the neighbours.

Ruto allegedly locked the house from inside, making it difficult for people to gain entry and save the student, who had screamed for help. Locals however broke in and found him standing next to deceased.

State Counsel Amos Chigiti applied for an adjournment of the case before Judge Joel Ngugi.

He said that the prosecution will be unable to proceed because they have not yet received important evidence exhibits necessary during the trial.

The exhibits Chigiti said, had been taken to government chemist for examination.

“Three witnesses supposed to testify have to refer to the exhibits in questions and cannot testify without them. We seek an adjournment,” submitted Chigiti.

The case failed to be mentioned at the High court in Nakuru two weeks ago after an admission from the prosecution that it was yet to receive vital exhibits linked to the trial.

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