DCI justifies why citizens pay Sh1000 for Certificate of Good Conduct but Kenyans are not buying it

By Fay Ngina | Wednesday, Jun 19th 2019 at 13:55
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Most Kenyans, especially those seeking for employment in government institutions, have come across the need to having a certificate of good conduct or what other people refer to as police clearance.

On Wednesday 19 May, a concerned citizen took it to Twitter and posed a question to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) regarding the police clearance and why it costs Sh100 to acquire it.

The netizen, only identified as Keg Ambassador, asked the DCI why he has to pay for the certificate of good conduct to prove that he is not a criminal.

“Hi @DCI_Kenya, why do I have to pay to prove that am not a criminal. Am talking about the Police Clearance - Certificate of Good Conduct. It’s expensive to be a law abiding citizen. Please answer me,” asked the Twitter user.

DCI, using their Twitter handle, responded to him and justified the reason why Kenyans are charged the amount to get a police clearance.

The DCI said that it’s the processes involved in acquiring one that costs money.

“Good afternoon @KegAmbassadorKE. Please note that you DO NOT have to pay to prove your innocence. However, if you need to have the certificate as tangible proof, then you must pay that Govt Service Fee to facilitate all the processes involved. The resources involved are at a cost,” DCI responded.

However, there is a section on Kenyans on Twitter who did not buy the DCI’s justification. Here’s what some of them had to say; 

Last time I checked, each of those documents was PRICED at not less Ksh 1000 and wondered how PRINTING is that expensive. — Ogello (@OgelloSays) June 19, 2019

Semantics tu hapa. A bank is in it for the profit so we understand if they need to cash in per transaction. What profit on top of the taxes does the government service need? It doesn’t make sense why I should be charged for being a law abiding citizen surely. — Chris Mwangi (@Mwangixtopher) June 19, 2019

We don't "Need" it, we are compelled to have it by Govt.If we have 10,000 Criminals & 50,million citizens. Yet the 49,990,000 non-criminals, are each rqrd to pay 1,500 each to get a certificate to prove they not part of the 10,000 crooks. Just so Jubilee cn pay sm Chinese loans!

— God of Logic: [????] NRM (@swedenhill) June 19, 2019

Kupata ID ni FREE .... hio karatasi yenya hukuja ina depreciate ni 1000s????? Muache kutumeasure — Nasty Thomas na Mustapha (@Achillied) June 19, 2019

The Bank analogy is stupid, the Bank is a private institution,KRA is Govt entity and doesn't charge for soft copy of its Tax compliance. That is thievery of the highest order to the youth. And it should be be free service ama utumishi kwa wote bure! — Alex Mathenge (@AlexMathenge) June 19, 2019

In most countries it takes less than two days to get your Good conduct certificate , while in Kenya it takes more than 2 to 4 weeks . Payment should be reasonable amount like 2 dollars that 200 Ksh . — Fidelis yule Mpole (@ammyambrose) June 19, 2019

Ksh 1000 for a paper?? To prove innocence kweli hii ni kenya — sammye (@sammyerzitg) June 19, 2019

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