Mystery as female nurse impersonator and athlete confesses to being a man

By Bosco Marita | Wednesday, Jul 3rd 2019 at 12:25
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Although by appearance the person looks very normal, the inner world paints a picture intertwining mystery and weirdness.

The more you get to know about the life of the person the more you continue to wonder whether it’s time for the proverbial coming of the Messiah.

The bizarre way of life the person depicts will leave one with no option but wait for a biological examination before concluding that the person is a male or female.

Though apparently comical, the story of the person is evidently unconventional and that which leaves one with more questions than answers.

The person forged a medical badge, identifying ‘herself’ as staff with the name Shieys Chepkosgei, and dressed as a female nurse, working at an emergency section at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH).

Reports say she was impersonating a female nurse at MTRH by the name Pamela Mulupi.

But after nurses got curious and failed to get the purported name of the person in the interns' register, ‘she’ was arrested and taken to Eldoret GK Women Prison on Monday.

The officer in charge of the prison discovered the person was a man. The specificity of the kind of checks is yet to be known.

When asked by magistrate about his athletic life, the person confirmed to have registered in different international marathons as man and others as female.

The court heard that the man allegedly competed in Zambia as a woman and won three medals.

From Pamela Mulupi to Shieys Chepkosgei to Hillary Kiprotich, his real name is yet to be confirmed by authorities.

According to the birth certificate, passport and national Identity card produced in court,the person is a female.

The exact name used in those document is yet to be revealed by the court but reports allege that he has many same documents with different names.

As you wonder whether the person is a male or female, according to the person when asked by the court: “I am a man who associates with the female gender.”

Much is yet to be known about the man’s family and background.

The person is currently held for 10 more days pending a medical assessment at MTRH to determine the gender.

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